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Pop Excellence airs Saturday from 1-3 pm eastern!

This will be my time slot for the duration of the spring semester (through mid-May). As always, you can listen in on whcl.org and/or look at the playlists on my blog afterwards.

Twitter: @kaylabeardslee

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Favorite Songs of 2020: 1-15

Songs: 109-86 | 85-61 | 60-36 | 35-16 | 15-1 | Full text list and playlist Albums: 50-26 | 25-1 | Full text list and playlist Honorable mentions 15. Allie X – Learning in Public “Learning in Public” may be the only song on this list that is truly, deeply relatable to me. Oh, wait, …

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Playlist for 4/10/21: Genre-bending covers and grab bag with Madi Ballista

Madi Ballista of The Singles Jukebox (@runawayballista on Twitter) was a guest on this week’s Pop Excellence show! For the first hour, we talked about genre-bending covers (i.e. covers of hit songs that translate them into a totally different and unexpected genre); the second hour was a standard grab bag playlist, with a super varied …

Playlist for 4/3/21: grab bag

Just one hour of a new show today (I’ll be back to the normal two hours next week): here are Spotify and Apple Music playlists for the grab bag. For the second hour, I rebroadcasted the What I’ve Been Listening To show from January 16: miscellaneous playlist links here. Singles Jukebox guest shows start next …


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