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Above is my new time slot for the duration of the fall semester: you can listen in each week on whcl.org! Next week’s show (9/20) will be my annual Synthpop September theme.

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Playlist for 9/20/21: Synthpop September IV and non-synthpop b-sides

Today was the fourth annual Synthpop September! As always, the first hour consisted of a tour through some examples of the most interesting stylistic niches and nuances of the synthpop subgenre, while the second hour consisted of songs in distinctly non-synthpop genres (for the sake of balance). There were some songs I played today that …

Playlist for 9/4/21: Second gen K-pop and grab bag with Anna Katrina Lockwood

Today, Anna Katrina Lockwood of The Singles Jukebox was a guest on my show! We talked about second gen K-pop artists for the first hour, and for the second hour we continued with a slightly looser version of the theme, playing some first and third and fourth gen (maybe? maybe not?) songs and discussing what …

Playlist for 8/28/21: Time capsule songs with Iris Xie

Iris from The Singles Jukebox was a guest this week! We talked about our “time capsule songs”—essentially, songs with which we have personal histories and associations with specific times in our lives. Spotify playlist and Apple Music playlist. A podcast version of the show is available here: this recording has just our conversation with the …


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